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Research and doctoral studies

Research and doctoral studies

Problem solving knowledge transfer

As a state-recognised university the Steinbeis University has the right to award doctoral degrees. Just like the bachelor and master programmes, the doctoral programme is based on the concept of transfer-oriented project skills and also integrates a practical element in the form of a concrete research project. The aim of the doctoral programme is to foster the ability to carry out research independently, on a solid scientific basis, on a contemporary topic of relevance to a business application. It should also offer the right format and content to deliver a notable and competent solution for a problem identified within the project.

The programme gives motivated, skilled professionals the opportunity to carry out application- and transfer-oriented research on the path to earning a doctoral degree. The research project, along with its specific business problem, provides the framework for the programme in unison with periodic academic colloquia. It is commissioned and sponsored by a company or other kind of organisation. Key features of the project are that the research relates directly to business practice, it is organised with a focus on transfer, and it receives competent project supervision.

For more information on the doctoral programme please refer to the website of the Steinbeis University.