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Admission to our study programmes

Your way to success

There are various admission routes to our Bachelor study programmes, which are mainly taught in German. Please contact our team for further information.

Are you interested in applying for one of our Master's degree programmes? Please follow the steps descriped below and send us the listed documents. Please send all the documents to zula@shb-sba.de and to [email protected]

Application for Master of Arts (M.A.) in Management - General Management INTERNATIONAL/Master of Arts (M.A.) in Management - in cooperation with SIEMENS AG

1. Application papers

  • Application form (see download section below)
  • Curriculum Vitae in English (signed)
  • High School certificate (copy) / A - level certificate (copy) translated to German or English and certified
  • University degree certificate (copy) translatet to German or English and certified
  • Copy of certificate of professional training (if applicable)
  • Reference from current employer (copy) - a distich (two lines) is sufficient
  • Proof of professional experience (copy)
  • Passport-sized photograph for your student ID-Card (send to bild@shb-sba.de)
  • Details of your first degree: a) Diploma Supplement (Degree certificate showing 180 credit points or a total workload of 5,400 hours) or b) Bachelor certificate

2. General Information about your Master’s Thesis (see download section below)

This form provides general information on your project which you will work on during the next two years in your company. The project is work and study related. Most of the theory you learn at university you can transfer to your project and the related proof of academic performance. Please discuss and fill in the required information and sign it (applicant and manager). If the project is not yet defined, please underline the appropriate department, for instance: Project in fields of Procurement. Within the first two months you should submit the defined title and the objective of the project to the University.

3. Project Competence Form (see download section below)

Complete in German or English.

4. Contract and assessment centre

After we checked your application form you will receive a study contract and you will be invited to attend our assessment centre. Assessment centre includes a case study, an interview and an English test.


Further information

Procedure for verification of admission to the programme (university entrance qualification)

The verification procedure will be administered by the Steinbeis University Berlin.

Diploma Supplement

Verification of the documents submitted and the Diploma Supplement.


Via the database anabin it can be verified whether the educational system of the country of origin (abroad) is equivalent to the German university entrance qualification. (The decision will not be made by our university. The “Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen” (central organisation for foreign educational systems) decides on the recognition of foreign educational certificates. These are published in the database.)

Recognition via the Senate Department for Education, Academic Science and Research in Berlin

If the foreign educational qualification is not explicitly mentioned in anabin and as a result there is no clear assessment, then the Senate Department for Education, Academic Science and Research in Berlin has to come to a decision on whether the foreign educational certificate is a university entrance qualification.

Admission via Academic Assessment Office of the German Embassy (APS)

Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia must include a certificate from the Academic Assessment Office of the German Embassy in their application.