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Master of Arts (M.A.) Business Development

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Business Development / Master of Business Administration (MBA) | General Management - International Study Programme

Taking your career to the next level!

Programme Information

In our progressively advancing global world, it is essential for aspiring future managers to have a profound understanding of international business as well as solid intercultural skills in order to communicate effectively with colleagues and employees around the globe.


The two-year M.A. and MBA programmes at Steinbeis Business Academy (SBA) address the key disciplines of business administration and leadership. They will allow you to acquire an invaluable range of useful strategies and skills for enhancing your executive effectiveness in an ever-growing international business world.


All our part-time study programmes have been specifically designed to be flexible and compatible with the busy schedules of working professionals. All classes in our international programmes are taught in English language by experienced tutors and professors who bring with them a great deal of invaluable real-life working experiences to share with their students.


Two- or three-day face-to-face seminars will take place every 4-5 weeks at one of our SBA locations in Southern Germany (Gaggenau or Stuttgart) as well as during a 2-week intensive international on-campus experience at our partner university in Thousand Oaks, Southern California / USA.


Most importantly, core to our studies is the strong link between scientific theory and its application into the daily working lives of our students. During the course of your studies, you will execute a real-life project in your company to which you can directly apply the tools and strategies acquired during your studies. This project offers an excellent opportunity for you to position yourself within your company or use it as a stepping-stone for further professional advancement.

Programme structure and course assessments

As a rough guideline, you will have to set aside an average of 10-15 hrs per week in addition to the time required for your project (which takes place at work). This includes the time for the seminars, your written assignments, preparation of presentations as well as blended E-Learning and self-learning periods at home.


A combination of different types of assessments ensure a well-balanced range of written assessments such as:

  • Presentations (P)
  • Case Studies (C)
  • Transfer-Papers (TA)
  • Project-Papers (PSA)
  • Exams (K)
  • Master Thesis (MT)


  • Final oral exam (Defence of Thesis)
Admission Criteria and Application Process
  • Successfully completed primary degree
  • Current employment  Project sponsor (company / organisation)
  •   Good to excellent English language skills
  • Personal motivation letter

Upon receipt of your application papers, we will contact you to arrange for a personal or telephone interview and assessment centre. This includes an in-depth conversation in English about your motivation for the programme and a written case study which can also can be completed online.

The final decision to grant admission to the programme is made by the programme director upon thorough consideration of the overall application and assessment.

Programme Locations and Start Date

The face-to-face seminars will take place at our Steinbeis locations in Gaggenau (close to Baden-Baden) and occasionally in Stuttgart. Approximately midway through the programme you will depart on a two-week on-campus experience at our partner university in Southern California:

  • School of Management at California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, California (USA)

The next programme start is scheduled for April / May 2018 (exact date to be advised).


Programme cost

The total cost of the programme is € 18.900 and is payable in monthly instalments over a period of 24 months or as a lump sum payment (if preferred). In addition, a one-off registration and administration fee of € 540 applies.

The programme cost includes all seminars, access to our online learning platform and all exam fees. Travel expenses and accommodation costs for the seminars in Germany and the USA are not included.


Compulsory Modules

Projectmanagement & Organization

  • Interdisciplinary Scientific Work | Methods of Project Planning and Management | Information Management | Organizational Management | Information Technology Management


  • Macroeconomics | Microeconomics | Managerial Economics

Market Analysis

  • Market Research | Competition Analysis

Procurement, Production & Logistics  (additional seminar ONLY for M.A.)

  • Procurement and Production Management | Logistics

Accounting & Corporate Finance

  • Principles of Accounting | Financial Analysis | Financial Reporting and Controlling | Principles of Corporate Finance | Models and Systems


  • Principles of Law | Legal Framework and Fields of Activity for Executives | Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Management of Strategies | Business Strategy | Corporate Strategy | Growth and Globalisation Strategy

International Management

  • Principles of Foreign Trade | Principles of International Management | Cross-Cultural Management

Leadership & Competencies

  • Leadership | Organizational Behavior | Human Resource Management | Personality | Development of Competencies


  • Principles of Practical Corporate Management | Principles of Entrepreneurship | Innovation Management


  • Principles of Marketing | Marketing and Sales Management | Using New Media in Marketing and Sales
Elective Modules

General Management (all classes taught in English)


General Management 1 - Objectives and Strategy

  •  Methods of Project Planning and Management – Advanced, Entrepreneurship, Objectives and Strategy Plan

General Management 2 - Marketing Management

  • Quality Management, Marketing Management, Practical Corporate Management, Marketing and Sales Plan

General Management 3 - Finance

  • Managerial Economics – Advanced, Finance Plan

General Management 4 - Globalisation

  • International Management, Cross-Cultural Management – Advanced, Globalisation Plan, Foreign Study

General Management 5 - Personality

  • Rhetoric, Personality – Advanced, Development of Competencies – Advanced, Competence Development Plan

Other electives such as Public Management and Social, Healthcare & Educational Management are also available, however some classes will be taught in German language. Please contact us for further information.