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Customised programmes

Customised programmes

For your company's needs

Global economic and social developments and the increasing internationalisation of many aspects of business have created a need for leaders with an international, practice-oriented education. The Steinbeis Business Academy can create individual and high-quality university programmes based on your company's needs.

We offer the following options:

Customised programmes for your needs

We design a degree programme relevant to your industry sector and then select globally renowned universities and business schools where students attend classes. Your internal company training programmes can be included.

Integrating individual staff members into existing international degree programmes

We are happy to create programmes for individual students so that they can join existing courses. In this way your employees undertake a study programme at various universities worldwide.

The value you gain:

  • Proven management knowledge taught by first class lecture staff
  • Global networking opportunities for students
  • Practice-oriented learning
  • International student body

  • Master degree programme in cooperation with SIEMENS AG


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